M-Files Contract Management Solutions

If you're facing contract management challenges, you're not alone. In a survey to companies with 100-500 employees, data showed that 50% of respondents monitor contract compliance manually*.
Manually managing contracts is very time and resource-intensive. M-Files streamlines contract management processes by helping you keep your contracts organized and ensuring the right people always have fast access to the right version of any contract from any place or from any device.
Employees who save contracts on their workstations or in their email systems expose their organization to significant risks. One in four employees store contracts in a way that exposes their organization to significant risk*. A contract management system ensures that only authorized employees have access to contracts. It also maintains current versions of the contract—saving employees from guessing which version is the latest.

Simple user access permissions controls ensure that contract information can only be accessed by the right people, even when there are changes in staff.
Calendar reminders and other manual methods for monitoring contract deadlines are ineffective and risky. A contract management system guarantees that stipulations and deadlines are closely monitored and that expiring contracts are acted upon accordingly.
M-Files provides an easy to use and secure and contract management software that helps you gain control of your contracts.
*Source – M-Files Contract Management Survey

Benefits of M-Files Contract Management

  • Visibility into contracts and contract processes
  • M-Files support the complete lifecycle of Contracts
  • Controlled editing of documents
  • Use the Contract templates for standardization and save time.
  • Create contracts on M-Files
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Automate the contract review and approval process
  • Access, review and manage contracts via your mobile device
  • Access and manage contracts anytime, anywhere
  • Dynamic views - Viewing contracts in context, enables a 360 degree view
  • Secure and automated access control
  • Use automated workflows for drafting, reviewing and approving contracts
  • Collaborate on contracts with external stakeholders
  • Digitally signing contracts
  • Replication and long-term archiving

  • The complete lifecycle of Contracts on M-Files

    M-Files supports the complete lifecycle of Contracts, in all its stages:

  • Contract Initiation - Contract request templates can be created on M-Files to streamline the initiation process. Template library includes approved and versioned contract templates.

  • Drafting & Negotiation - During the drafting and negotiation process, drafts are version controlled. Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration fosters collaboration.

  • Review & Approvals - Flexible workflows allow multi-step reviews and approvals.

  • Signatures – Electronic or e-signature - Contracts can be signed using the e-signature capabilities of DocuSign or the M-Files Mobile App.

  • Contract Management execution - On M-Files, milestones, obligations and issues cam be managed with automated assignments and notifications.

  • Manage - Contracts are indexed with key metadata such as clients, projects, or properties to help organize content dynamically. Amendments, attachments and other related documents can be linked to the main contract and dynamic dashboards track status, expirations and other milestones.

  • Search & Retrieval - Advanced search and flexible views ensure fast contract retrieval.

  • Renew and Archive - With M-Files, you can automate manual renewal and archival process. On the sell side, alerts on expiration dates allow more time to upsell and cross-sell.

  • IYCON offers M-Files Contract Management - a complete, purpose-built, cloud solution for the creation, review, approval and archiving of contracts to drive consistency, transparency and accountability throughout the contract lifecycle.