Expense Claims Management with M-Files

Managing Claims with M-Files is easy and fast. Receipts can be saved to M-Files no matter where you are by taking a photo of the receipt with your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are and save it to M-Files using the M-Files mobile app. The recipts can also be scanned and uploaded to M-Files from the M-Files Desktop application.
With M-Files, collaboration and sharing information between departments is easy and efficient. You can share a link to the file in M-Files without sending an actual copy of the file, which guarantees everyone has access to the one, common version.
M-Files allows you to stop working for information and rather, puts information to work for you. You can set up automatic workflows to support your business processes and let the system take care of the whole document management life cycle.

Benefits of Expense Claims Management with M-Files

  • Flexible Deployment: M-Files offers flexible on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment options, placing the power of EIM in the hands of the business user and reduces demands on IT by enabling those closest to the business need to access and control content based on their requirements.
  • View everything exactly how you want to: No one knows how to organize your stuff better than you. Standard folder-based systems force you to conform to a pre-determined structure -- one that might not work for you. M-Files allows you to view all of your documents and information in the way that's most natural and efficient for you.
  • Access views from any device: You're not always sitting in front of a computer. Most systems require you to be at the office to be productive. M-Files mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows give you access to all of your custom views from any device you're using.
  • Expense reporting: No one likes scanning a bunch of expense receipts after a sales trip. In M-Files, filing all of your expenses is simple. Take a photo of your receipt with your smartphone while you're on the trip, save it to M-Files using the M-Files mobile app and the expense reporting process is started automatically.
  • Generate Reports: With M-Files Reporting, it is possible to address a number of data reporting, export, visualization, and analysis needs.
  • Review and approve from your mobile device: Manage and track business processes while you're away from the office. M-Files mobile apps allow you to review documents like contracts and invoices and approve everything from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Collaborate and share efficiently: Integrated collaboration tools, such as annotations, make co-authoring easy and efficient. And you can use any device, even mobile, to collaborate on documents.

  • IYCON offers solutions for Automated invoice processing and Accounts Payables from M-Files. M-Files lets you take control of accounting and financial services documents, helping you increase performance and competitiveness while improving operational efficiency and avoiding risk. Contact us for a M-Files demo in Invoice Processing system.