Standardize Policies with M-Files

Managing complex access control policies becomes overwhelming with the limitations of most systems. M-Files provides unlimited control over any type of content while keeping things simple. That's because permissions can be assigned based on what something is instead of where it's stored.

Benefits of Standarizing Policies

  • Disseminate and enforce policies and procedures: What if everyone in your organization could find the right information quickly? In M-Files, there’s only one version of every document. No matter what type of quality document is needed, it’s always controlled and versioned.
  • Keep track of corrective actions: You’ve identified something that needs to be changed and created a new procedure. That’s great. But how do you verify that the procedure was implemented? M-Files keeps track of all required activities and assignments to make sure your change is being implemented.
  • Automate quality processes: Your company depends on you to keep things under control. You need to ensure specific procedures are followed, but you shouldn’t have to manually manage day-to-day processes. M-Files automates quality workflows like change control, CAPAs and training. That means you can ensure consistency while M-Files adapts to processes and workflows ensure the process is followed.
  • Protect sensitive personal data: With M-Files, protecting sensitive employee information while making it accessible to specific people in the organization is easy. M-Files manages permissions automatically and dynamically, ensuring data security and maintaining accessibility for everyone.
  • Eliminate Information Silos: When organizations use multiple business systems, important data can become isolated in those systems. Employees have to look for information in various places without the ability to connect the dots. M-Files seamlessly integrates with your other business systems to add intelligence to your data and keep everything connected. For example, a license application, a client in your CRM and an employee record stored in your HR system can all be connected and visible in M-Files.