SYAA™ Datamart

SYAA™ Datamart enables the QPR Metrics Admin to extract data from the QPR database while generating reports using the data from QPR and reporting via 3rd party applications like Business Objects, iDashboards, Qlik etc.

Capabilities of SYAA™ Datamart

  • Populate Measure Values – Extracts the data from QPR Scorecard measures and populates them to SYAA™ Datamart schema in the Measure Values table
  • Populate All Actions – Extracts all actions available on QPR Portal and populate them to SYAA™ Datamart schema in the Measure Actions table
  • Scheduling Export – Extraction of measure values can even be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, monthly basis etc. which makes it extremely easy and efficient to use it
  • Data fields can be customized to get all the data you need
  • Automate data query from QPR database. Manual query ends up querying around 7 tables to fetch one value
  • Generate better reports using QPR data
  • Powerful Reporting

    Benefits of SYAA™ Datamart

  • Easily integrates with QPR
  • Auto Report Generation & Distribution saves time
  • Efficient data consolidation
  • Delivers data quickly
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Ensures Audit Readiness