SYAA™ Toolkit for Metrics

SYAA™ Toolkit for Metrics is an IYCON tool that can be deployed for effective and efficient management of QPR Metrics. By utilizing the SYAA™ Toolkit for QPR Metrics, it empowers QPR Admin users to better manage their models, and enables mass import and export in a simplified format.


  • Generate reports of elements hierarchy across scorecards, with key attributes like period level, value settings, units of measure and more
  • A single tool to manage Metrics models
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • For those who follow the form based data collection process in excel, this can be continued and the excel can be mass imported into QPR
  • Automate scorecard builds
  • Simplify manual data load
  • Generate better reports on scorecard structures and user rights
  • Allows the Admin to create scorecard structure, manage score element properties, advance scorecard management, managing element symbols, editing existing scorecards
  • Product Suite

  • QPR Metrics