SYAA™ Toolkit for Process

Standardizing processes across various departments is always a challenge for organizations. Processes when streamlined, documented and easily available to stakeholders ensures positive impact for any organization. Overtime processes are required to be updated to match changing organization priorities or organizational changes. Updating processes can be a monumental task even for organizations where processes are effectively documented.

For QPR Process users, the SYAA™ Toolkit for QPR Process is an offering from IYCON specially designed to extract and export, the existing organization processes from QPR Process Repository instantly to enable process owners to analyze the organizational processes and view all the processes within the organization.

Generate and Export Reports Across Models

The SYAA™ Toolkit for QPR Process enables the organizations processes to be standardized by ensuring that across processes the element types is similar. It provides a clear understanding on how the information flows within the system and interactions with external entities. This facilitates outdated processes to be eliminated or streamlined, reducing cost and improving efficiency.
SYAA™ Toolkit for QPR Process allows generation and export of reports across models to ascertain:

  • Element Type Count – Enables the process owners to maintain a clean list of processes by filtering elements based on the element type count. Differentiate between those element types that have a high value and those that have zero value.

  • Process Hierarchy – Process hierarchy provides an outline of the processes from top levels to the lower levels.

  • Process Count – Enable the process owners to view the number of times a specific element type is used within the process.

  • Organization Hierarchy – Enables the process owners to view the organization structure based on the role.

  • Custom Attributes – Enables the process owners to view all the extra properties to any element used in the process diagram. It facilitates standardization of the custom properties used in all the models for the specific element.

  • Folder Hierarchy – Enables the process owners to view the process model by folder.

  • Resource Hierarchy - Enables the process owners to view the employee structure within the organization and based on the departments.

  • External Control Flows – Enables the process owners to know those processes in the organization that have interactions with external entities.

  • Process URL Report – Enables the process owners to generate links that can be used in reports as easy links to the process diagram.

  • Benefits of SYAA™ Toolkit FOR QPR Process

  • Get an insight of all the processes within the organization
  • Allows organizations to be aligned with their strategies to achieve the desired results
  • Pre-defined reports to get you started
  • Know instantly if there is a dis-joint in your operations
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Improve business processes by eliminating outdated processes
  • Reduce cost
  • Easy to configure and use