Wizly™ Business Analytics

Wizly™ is a unique solution based on in-built Proprietary Algorithms that combines Quantitative and Semantic Analytics to Promote Quality Decisions and Results.
Wizly™ integrates all types of information in one place, providing a single point of control to the user. It explore hidden relationships between different perspectives of the organizations and can relate external influences to strategies and organization performance for effective improvement opportunities.

Wizly™ Use Cases

  • Initiative Management
  • Best Investment Option
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Discover Organizational DNA
  • Price vs Volume Affinity
  • Website Analytics for Sentiment
  • Word Frequency for Google Keyword Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Wizly™ Capabilities

  • Discover and define your organizational DNA.
  • Effective selection of strategic objectives, initiatives, market opportunities, vendor selection, prioritize features and more.
  • Analyze business processes, web pages, frequency of phrases and corporate messaging to understand semantics and areas of improvement.
  • Compare master lists between two systems, process listing between two organizations' during mergers and acquisitions, features between two or more softwares, applications and more.
  • Identify patterns that provide a sense of prediction or probability.
  • Affinity analysis to identify possible cause and effects.
  • Leverage semantics trapped in other tools like Excel, Architecture, Databases and BPM Tools.
  • Provides quantitative and qualitative insights for alternative solutions.
  • Link relevant subjective and objective attributes to problems / issues.
  • Draw clear and targeted conclusions from gathered items.
  • Improve speed to produce an integrated analytical approach for INSIGHTFUL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS.